Clinical Course of IPF

IPF Is a Variable and Unpredictable Interstitial Lung Disease

Potential Clinical Courses of IPF

Period of rapid deterioration
A small minority of patients (≈5%-10%) experience an onset of rapid deterioration in symptoms, lung function, and radiographic appearance in the absence of any identifiable cause1,3

Figure 8. Schematic representation of variable and unpredictable progression of IPF. The rate of decline and progression to death may be rapid, slow, or mixed (ie, periods of relative stability interposed with periods of rapid deterioration). Image adapted from Ley, et al. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2011;183:431-440.
  • Disease progression is relentless—it is unpredictable and inevitable4,5
    • The perception of symptomatic stability may not reflect underlying progression of fibrosis4,5

Lung Function Decline Can Adversely Impact a Patient's Quality of Life


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